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Bowie Wong, CEO

Bowei Wong is the founder of Metro Cine Media, Next Pictures and Beijing Chuang Xing Unlimited Culture Limited. Metro Cine Media and Next Pictures have been involved in close to 20 movies. The later established Next Pictures was formed to produce film, TV and commercial productions. Bowie successfully won the bid for the exclusive China rights to marketing and advertising for Stephen Chow’s Kung Fu Hustle, distributed by Columbia Pictures and China Film Group in 2004 because of his experience in distribution and marketing in the Mainland. Bowie also founded Beijing Chuang Xing Unlimited Culture Limited that co-organized in Sanya, Hainan Province, the Second Globalization Forum. Bowie had established a lot of strategic partnerships in the Mainland film and TV industry, specifically with cinema lines, local television networks. Through Next Pictures, Bowie has been involved in production in various films and television programs: Love Multiplication (2008); City in Tear (2009);  BMW Rhapsody (2011); Oh, Sujung (2012). Through Metro Cine Media, he had distributed throughout Mainland China and led marketing for: Guai Muk (HK); The Movie Tycoon (HK);  Air Diary (w/ investment and EP by Jackie Chan); Lasko (Germany); Half Light (UK); Becoming Jane (UK); Ne Te Retourne Pas (France); August Rush (US). Metro Cine Media was the distributor and marketing partner for all films by Next Pictures.

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