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Eric Chen, Executive President

Eric’s has over 30 years of wushu, stunts & film experience in Hollywood and China. Based in the US he bridges our gap between China and Hollywood for Era-Films. Eric Chen trained in China with the top professional wushu teams since 1982. He competed as an athlete, then became the most successful US coach in the international competitions. Eric was one of the pioneers that helped formed the International Wushu Federation, translated the by laws, text, exams, composing international competition compulsory routines, judged in world championships produced the top athletes in the US and hosted the world champion Beijing wushu team in the US from 1995-2002. From the athletic arena, Eric became a choreographer, stunt coordinator, actor, stuntman and action director in many high profile films such as Kung Fu Panda, Pirates of Caribbean, Shanghai Noon, The One, Empire of the Sun, Transporter, Beverly Hills Ninja, Wind Talker, Mortal Kombat, Rush Hour, The Legend of Bruce Lee, Bullet Proof Monk, Aztec Warrior, etc., and moving into producing Hollywood- China coproduction films such as Iron Dragon, Genghis Khan, Dragon Spring, etc. Eric’s wushu, stunts, film skills combined with his 30 years in Hollywood and China with credentials are the most valuable assets as an action director and a producer today.