Lasko: Death train

After a traumatic experience in Kosovo, Lasko has quit his job as a soldier serving in the KFOR peacekeeping force and retreated to a life as a monk in a monastery. There, because of his military training he has long been observed by Cardinal Saratoga, the head of secret Christian order „Pugnus Dei“.

Together with his fellow-monks, Matthias and Gladius, Lasko takes part in a pilgrimage to Lourdes. In the train, he meets Sandra and her son Sven, who is suffering from a blood disease. Their health insurance has refused to finance a new treatment, leaving Sandra only with the hope that a miracle takes place in Lourdes. Unfortunately, it is just this train full of pilgrims that the unscrupulous Gangster Lennart and his band of desperados use as their escape vehicle after a spectacular biotech heist in which they have stolen a highly contagious virus.

The gangsters then take the pilgrims as hostages. A SWAT team‘s attempt to land an antidote to the virus on the train by helicopter ends in a fiasco.

Everything seems to be lost. Now there is only one man left on the train who can avert disaster: Lasko. A man who has vowed never to fight again.