Simply Actors

Familiar to film fans for his supporting work in titles like AV and Mighty Baby, Jim Chim is a very popular comedic personality in Hong Kong thanks to his crowd-pleasing stage work and unique brand of humor. Many of Hong Kong’s young stars have even taken acting lessons from him. The theater maestro now takes up his first leading role in Simply Actors, a breezy comedy about this whole business of acting. Directed by Patrick Leung and Chan Hing Kai, the team behind Born Wild and La Brassiere, the film is an entertaining mix of screwball hijinks, genre-bending drama, and gentle life lessons. Charlene Choi of Twins plays hilariously against type as a well-endowed softcore actress with a heart of gold, while Anthony Wong and Eric Tsang provide guidance from above as acting teachers. Test your Hong Kong entertainment knowledge with a line-up of name-that-celebrity appearances like Sandra Ng, Chapman To, Isabella Leong, Fiona Sit, and much more. Even directors Fruit Chan, Alan Mak, Wilson Yip, and Ann Hui take their turns in front of the camera for some amusing cameos.

Accused that the high mortality rate amongst undercover police is due to bad acting, the Hong Kong police send hyperactive Man Long (Jim Chim) to acting school to prepare for his next assignment. Man Long is thrilled as he’s always wanted to be an actor, but he’s just not very good at it, and he quickly turns into the black sheep of the class with his misguided overacting. But with the right guidance and support from classmate Dani Dan (Charlene Choi), Man Long just might find his groove in time for that undercover job.